Welcome to Awareness Days

24/12/2014 – 25/12/2014 all-day
Christmas Morning Swim Day @ The Sea
While it remains a time for family, friends, gift giving and food and drink; it’s also a day when thousands of people flock to the beach to see hundreds of...
01/01/2015 all-day
Status: Awareness days This event appears every January 1st. It allows you to verify that everything is working as supposed and to see how often your calendar application updates calendar...
03/01/2015 all-day
Festival of Sleep Day
The Festival of Sleep Day was created for people that would like to get some “shut eye” and relaxation after the holidays. After the Christmas shopping and present opening deadlines...
Human Trafficking Awareness Day is to dedicated to raising awareness of sexual slavery and human trafficking worldwide.   It started in 2007, when the U.S. Senate designated January 11th as...
18/01/2015 all-day
Winnie The Pooh Day
One of the cuddliest holidays around has to be Winnie the Pooh Day, celebrated on the birthday of author A A Milne. It’s one special anniversary fans just can’t bear to...
21/01/2015 all-day
Help monitor squirrel movements in your local area in the U.S. for research projects. Micro-action = Project Squirrel
26/01/2015 all-day
Australia Day
On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what’s great about Australia and being Australian. It’s the day to reflect on what we have achieved and what...
26/01/2015 – 01/02/2015 all-day
ComputerXplorers Programming for Primaries Week
The aim of the week is to shine the spotlight on programming and coding support and resources that are available to children and teachers in primary schools and raise importance...
Scan in antique childrens books, so they can be preserved for future generations of kids to read. Micro-action = The Rosetta Project
Raise money for homeless kids charity at no cost to you, just by clicking an internet button. Micro-action = Crumb
02/02/2015 – 08/02/2015 all-day
Bramley Apple Week
Bramley Apple Week 2015 takes place 2-8 February and is a celebration of the world’s best cooking apple.
02/02/2015 all-day
Take action by signing petitions or writing letters to key decision makers on issues relating to, among other things, wetland reserves. Micro-action = Wetland Preserve
06/02/2015 all-day
Wear Red Day @ Yorkshire, the Humber & North East Lincs | Leeds | United Kingdom
Wear Red Day is back for it’s 3rd year and it’s bigger, better and redder than ever before! Help us turn Yorkshire and beyond red on Friday 6th February 2015...
Obtain a free Albatross postcard, and send it to your friend. Helps to spread awareness about the plight of the albatross. Micro-action = Postcards That Save The Albatross
09/02/2015 all-day
Recycle your #5 plastics like yogurt cups, hummus tubs and other food containers, so they can be converted into, among other things, toothbrushes. Micro-action = Gimme5
11/02/2015 all-day
Put a smile on a sick child’s face by writing a cheery email or letter to them, to brighten up their day. Micro-action = Post Pals
Watch and share a video to raise funds at no cost to you, to improve reproductive health care in developing countries. Micro-action = Girl 2 Woman
14/02/2015 all-day
Donate your unwanted frequent flyer airline miles to make disadvanteged or sick children make their wish come true. Micro-action = Make A Wish
Share a random act of kindness to spread some positivity and influence other people to perform a random act of kindness. Micro-action = Kindness Riot
Microloan to the working poor in the Asia Pacific who need a small loan to start or expand a small business, grow their income, and lift themselves out of poverty....